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To-Do(s) for 6/16/2024

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​Here you can start, manage & grow your company. Open bank & merchant accounts, connect your business to the metaverse, crypto and the NFT world. Manage your corporate documents and your compliance requirements.


Unlock the strongest starting position for your business.

Incorporate your Company {3.0} and connect it to 2X U.S. Bank Accounts, Merchant Account, Crypto Currency Payments, The Metaverse & NFT Markets. Get access to over 1 Billion New Users.

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We have sent you a confirmation email. Once you Confirm your email you will get full access to your dashboard

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We will register your company and deliver all your corporate documents

EIN (Tax ID Number)

We will process your EIN with the IRS and get your EIN Confirmation Letter

Bank & Merchant Accounts

Apply directly from your dashboard with step-by-step tutorials & Support

Crypto, Metaverse, nft

Connect to crypto payments, Metaverse and NFT markets. 

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Great News! We are already working  your order 👏😊

December ,27 2022

Before filing your company registration application with the state,  please decide which time frame you wish to go with:

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December ,27 2022

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December ,27 2022

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Admin Reply :

Before filing your company registration application with the state,  please decide which time frame you wish to go...

Expedite Processing: 1-3 days 

Expedite Service Filing enables us to complete your Company Registration in 1-3 days  (in most cases in 24 hours) and get your EIN much faster. 

The Expedite Service includes:
1. Expedite State Filling, 1-3 days  (in most cases in 24 hours)
2. EIN Expedite Processing and Follow-up with the IRS: 14 days (on average)
3. Getting you ready for your bank account application - The Fast Track

Fee: $129

Standard Processing: 20-30 days

I wish to continue my company registration using the standard processing time. I am aware that the registration process may take 20-30 days and the EIN processing may take 45-60 days (depending on the IRS).

No additional fees

✅ Payment Confirmed:

Expedite Service

Expedite Service


Company Name

Company Name

Thank you for creating your account. We are updating your data and giving you access to your dashboard. This may take up-to 24 hours. Please check your Inbox for email update.

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