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Bank Account {3.0}
Guaranteed Bank Account Service




Available to all States


Already have a U.S. Company and EIN (Tax ID Number)? Want to open a U.S. bank account?
Add our Guaranteed Bank Account Service to make sure you get your bank account approved.

Successfully passing a USA bank’s due diligence process is the key to getting approved for a USA bank account. You can always try to open an account yourself. It’s free! But:

If you try to open the account yourself - you risk rejection because you are not familiar with the USA banking laws and don’t know what exactly the bank is looking for in order to approve your application for a new account.

That’s what we do for you. We guarantee you will pass the due diligence process and get approved. 

How we do that ? 
1. We assign a banking expert to your business in order to review all your incorporation documents, EIN, website , social media accounts and all other required information.

2. We advise you what should be on your website - which exact information the back wants to see there so you  will be approved.

3. We help you apply for a USA bank account - we go with you Line by line over the application until it is complete.

4. We follow up with the bank to expedite your application and have it approved.

5. After the account is approved- we help you set up your account and debit card.

6. We make sure your card is sent out to your home country address.

7. We help with ongoing questions.


Upgrade {3.0}
Upgrade Your Existing Company




Available to all States

Already have a U.S. Company?
Upgrade Your Existing Company to Company {3.0}

Guaranteed Bank Account:
Guarantee your bank account approval by using our team of banking experts. Let us prepare your business for the banks due diligence process and guarantee your account opening.

U.S. Address & Phone Number
Bank Account Setup
Crypto Currency Payments (optional)
Merchant Account

Partners and rewards
Compliance Connect™
Life Time Support


On Going Cost / Renewal

Keep your company in full compliance






Available to all States



✅Resident agent 1 year for company renewal

✅Mailing address for 1 year

✅Company license for 1 year


The fee does not include state or government fees:

WY $52

DE $300

FL $150

NM 0$



This service applies to Delaware, Wyoming, Florida & New Mexico


Tax Filing Service


Tax Filing Package




Available to all States


Tax Filing Package




Available to all States

Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting.jpg

Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting

Starting January 1, 2024 the U.S. treasury department has a new reporting requirement for any U.S. corporation or LLC:

Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting.

Please note:

THERE IS A $10,000 PENALTY for failure to file! Kindly make sure you fully comply with the filing requirements to avoid the penalty and any legal actions!

Click here for more information about this filing.

Click here for F.A.Qs on this subject matter, in the link below:

This package includes:

  • filing: for LLC

  • filing: for Corporation

  • Proof of filing to your email

  • No penalty Guaranteed!




Available to all States


1. We can help practically everyone, however there are some limitations due to US sanctions and limits imposed by our digital banking partners. Due to government restrictions, we are currently unable to accept applications from citizens of Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Central African Republic, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Montenegro, Nicaragua, North Korea, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine (Crimea region), Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. These limitations may change in the future. Whether you live in one of these countries, please contact our support team with a brief description of your business to see if you can open an account.

2. The Registered Agent service fee is included for the first year. You will be liable for all payments involved with maintaining your business after the first year. As part of our 'Compliance Connect' service, we will notify you when it's time to renew your registered agent to enable you to be in compliance at all time.

3. Corporate kit:  Following the completion of the incorporation process, we instantly prepare a series of key legal documents. These post-incorporation Corporate Kit provides clear and necessary information on the company's owners, operations, and other important data. All of the documents will be written using industry-standard terminology. You may use these documents for different applications such as for your business bank account, merchant account, payment processors and more. 

4. Refund Policy : We will refund 100% of your fees if we fail to deliver the service you have paid for. If you paid for a U.S. company: we will refund you if we have failed to get the company opened due to error in our filing within 30 days from the day you have placed the order. (refund will not be provided if the company's name is rejected and you fail to provide an alternate name that meet the State's requirements).

5. Cancellation Policy:  You may cancel the service before we submit the incorporation documents to the state for processing, by sending us an email to with the subject #Cancellation and list the following: Service name, Date you have signed up for the service, Amount paid for the service and Reason for cancellation.

6. U.S. phone number: We will refer you to a Voice over IP app that offers U.S. number service. You can use the U.S. number to receive phone calls and voice messages which can be forwarded to your email. Availability of the app and the service depends on the app developer. Any monthly fee associated with the use of the app depends on the app developer. Use of the app is optional and you can sign up for a phone number with any other provider. 

7. Timeframes are estimated: the time frame for incorporation service or obtaining EIN is listed as estimated time and not guaranteed. The actual time frame depends on the state or IRS pipeline for the applicable service. We have no control over the actual timeframe and any delays caused by the state or the IRS are out of our control and can't be a reason for cancellation or refund.

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