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# The most advance incorporation platform
for non-U.S.-residents owned Startups

Get ready for the future with:

U.S. Corporation {3.0}

For Startups

3PointO is an online platform for non-U.S. residents to easily incorporate and manage their startups. It offers one-click growth tools, compliance documents and a user-friendly interface for business management from anywhere.


Purple Podiums

Optimizing Your Startup With U.S. Company {3.0}

​"This is by far the best business setup for your U.S. Company or Startup. 3PointO-Team makes it easy, fast and personalized to launch your U.S. Startup. Legendary customer support is the cherry on top, ensuring a seamless and successful launch for your new venture."

Unlock the Benefits of Company 3.0 with our All-Inclusive Company Formation package for Startups:

U.S. LLC or INC from anywhere
U.S. Bank Account | U.S. Address  | Phone Number
Crypto Payment Gateway | 360° Compliance Solution
Fully ready for the metaverse & web 3.0
Pre-Incorporation Consulting Session with a CPA

Dedicated Startup Success Hero

Smart Tools to launch & manage your Startups

Incorporate your Business with our Smart Tools for founders
Rated #1 as the most innovative Solution in Company Formation Category
Launch Your U.S. Company
It's time to launch your u.s. company and bank account. Just a few questions to help us optimize your business setup.
Do You Qualify?
Do You Qualify to apply to our u.s. company formation and guaranteed bank account service?
Use our Business Type Optimizer™ to choose the best entity type for your business. LLC or Corporation. 
Company Formation, Bank Account & Crypto Gateway

We have formed strategic partnerships with leading financial institutions in the United States to provide you with an extensive range of options and flexibility. By collaborating with a diverse array of banks, we can ensure that you have access to the most suitable solutions for your needs and preferences. Our goal is to empower you with the ability to make informed financial decisions and to provide you with the resources necessary to achieve your goals.
Get quick access to the most effective growth tools for your business

Elevate your business to new heights with our expertly selected collection of the most powerful growth tools and resources, available to you now. is much more than incorporation and banking solutions. With every company formation package - you get our extensive founder's kit with more rewards and deals than any other platform. We offer solutions for Tax, Accounting, HR & Payroll , Marketing, CRM, Social Media, Legal & Compliance, Design & Engineering and more.
For each Startup, we assign a Dedicated Startup Success Hero
We will assign to you one of our top experts, a startup success hero to make sure you get the best service and highest execution for your business. Our team of startup experts has extensive experience assisting companies from around the world in launching and scaling their business in the United States and internationally. You will get Instant access to the most advance tool to help you run and grow your startup.
Portrait of Businesswoman
Your Dedicated Statup Success Hero
Payroll Solutions
-1200-900tax filing.png
Tax Filing & Compliance Solutions
Cap Table Solutions with Carta
Man in Suit
U.S. Certified Public Accountant
for your Tax Questions & Strategy
Accounting and Reporting Solutions
we accept crypto.png
Crypto Currency Solutions
Employees & Freelancers sourcing
Pre-Incorporation Consulting Session with a CPA
We provide a Pre-Incorporation Consulting Session with a CPA to guide startups in making crucial decisions, including selecting the optimal company structure, determining eligibility for a tax-free LLC and developing a tax strategy, identifying ownership, maintaining anonymity if desired, selecting the appropriate state of registration, and addressing legal name requirements.
100% Privacy Guaranteed: Secure and Anonymous Company Setup
Our All-Inclusive Company Formation {3.0} for Startups together with the (one-time-fee) Nominee Service will offer you the most private and secure business solution for non-U.S. residnets. Your privacy is completely protected! both as the incorporator and as the owner, member, or shareholder. There won't be any public records with your name. You will always be 100% annonymous.

Open your
U.S. company {3.0}

Guaranteed Bank Account Service

We will prepare your business for the bank's due diligence requirements. You get unlimited live sessions with our banking experts until you are approved by the bank and your account is opened!



Our Execution is Faster than anyone else

We prepare all the paperwork, you sign electronically and 24 hours later – your company is ready! That's the fastest and easiest way to incorporate your u.s. business.

Time Frame

U.S. Citizens / Residents:
⚡Incorporation: 24 hours*
⚡EIN: Same day service!
⚡Bank Account: 5-7 days

Non U.S. Citizens / Residents:
⚡Incorporation: 24 hours*
⚡EIN: 14 business days
⚡Bank Account: 7-10 days

*New Mexico / Wyoming / Florida - 24 hours, Delaware - 24-72 hours

Choose the best entity type for your business

With 3PointO APP you can select the best entity type for your business. Tax Free LLC for those who are looking to optimize their tax liabilities or C. Corporation if you are planning to go public or issue stocks. 


How does it work?

5 easy steps. All done online.

Step 5 : 100%

Step 1 : 5%

Step 3 : 80%

Step 2 : 35%

Step 4 : 90%

Company Formation {3.0}

Online. Super Power. With Experts.

 Online. From Anywhere

Simple & easy platform for non U.S. residents. Do it all online from your phone, laptop or office computer. | File online

 Super Power U.S. Company

Company {3.0} is a super power, fully loaded U.S. limited liability company (or corporation) with features like: U.S. Business Address, Phone Number, Registered Agent, EIN (Tax ID Number), Guaranteed Bank Account and Crypto Currency Payments. | File on time

 Incorporate with experts

Our team of Top Experts Tax Advisers (TMTA) and Banking Experts (TMBE) are here to give you the best setup for your business.

Hi, Jonathan:
12 experts are ready online: | File with experts | File with | File with experts | File with experts | File with experts | File with experts | File with experts | File with experts | File with experts | File with experts | File with experts | File with experts | File with experts

Loading more experts...

18 years experience, verified by the IRS & 200k+ users is part of


the largest online platform for Non-U.S.-Residents and an Authorized IRS e-file provider since 2004


Established in 2004 (Delaware State)


We helped over 200,000 founders, business owners and tax payers during the last 18 years with incorporation, banking solutions, tax filing and tax strategy planning. 

Authorized IRS e-file provider since 2004 (IRS Website)

Ready to launch your Startup in the US?

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