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Company {3.0}.  The Most Powerful Setup on the planet for your U.S. Business

Company{3.0} is a super power, fully loaded U.S. limited liability company (or corporation) with features like: U.S. Business Address, Phone Number, Registered Agent, EIN (Tax ID Number), Guaranteed Bank Account and Crypto Currency Payments.

Available for non U.S. residents
Delaware | Wyoming | New Mexico | Florida

LLC {3.0} comes with all you need to run your business. All done online, from anywhere you are.

Company {3.0}
U.S LLC or U.S. Corporation
with 10 Great Features

01. USA company:
🚀 Fully registered LLC or Inc

02. Expedited EIN:
🚀 We're authorized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to offer expedited EIN services

03. U.S. address & Phone number:
🚀 With mail forwarding and mail scan forwarding. Get calls and voicemails to your mobile.

04. Corporate kit:
🚀 Receive your legal documents to your dashboard. 

05. Bank account & Merchant account:
🚀 Business checking account with debit card and Payment Gateway to charge credit & debit cards.


You get 10x times more,

with our next generation features

to increase sales and traffic:

06. Crypto Connect:

🚀 instantly accept 100s types of crypto currency 

07. Dedicated CPA 

🚀 1:1 chat with a CPA for tax advice

08. Founder's Kit:

🚀 Tools to grow your business with more rewards and deals than any other platform

09. Compliance Connect™:

🚀 Help you comply with your filing requirements
✓ Reminders: state annual report ✓ Reminders: federal & state tax filing ✓ Reminders: registered agent renewal

10. Life Time Support:

🚀 Never be alone! lifetime support from 3PointO

The Only Platform
Incorporating your U.S. Company 
connecting it to U.S. Bank Account
and Crypto Currency Payments
with our top rated banking and crypto experts


LLC {3.0}

How does it work?



Launch your own company {3.0}

A Super Power U.S. Company!

Step 1:

Register your business.

We make it easier than ever to start a new business. LLC, S.Corp or C-Corp formation, Complete State Registration, Physical address in the US, Registered agent service and Lifetime expert support

COO (1).png

Step 2:

Obtain your EIN

No U.S. citizenship required and no Social Security Number needed. Fast 

Tax ID (EIN) setup with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The only platform with EIN registration to get your company  bank-account-ready.

Tax ID Confirmation Letter (2).png
12-3456789 (1).png

Step 3:

Corporate kit 3.0

Receive your legal documents to your dashboard. Never loose any document again. Certificate of Incorporation / Formation , SS4 , EIN Confirmation Letter, LLC Operating Agreement / Bylaws, Share Certificates, Electronic company seal and more...

LLC Operating Agreement (1).png
seal (1).png
COO (1).png

Step 4:

Bank & Merchant Account

Open a bank account, merchant account, and other business tools. Open your business bank account and merchant account using our 3pointO platform. Easily Apply to all our partners directly from your 3PointO dashboard.

Brex Color.png
mercury round.png

Step 5:

Crypto, Metaverse & NFT

Connect your business to Crypto Currency payments, Metaverse and  NFT markets. Accept bitcoin and other crypto currencies as a payments method. Connect your business to the metaverse world and NFT markets today and get access to over 1 billion crypto and metaverse new users.

owner1 (1).gif

LLC {3.0}

Easy to start.
Simple to manage. is much more than incorporation platform

Incorporate your U.S. Company {3.0} and connect it to the most advanced tools to increase sales and audience: {Advanced banking solutions}, {Merchant Account},  {CryptoCurrency Payments}, {Metaverse} & {NFT}. 

to start

It takes less than 5 minutes to apply for Company {3.0}. You can apply from anywhere, anytime. The service is opened for U.S. and non U.S. residents.  

to grow

Company {3.0} is the future of U.S. incorporation. It is the only LLC/INC package that support you into the Metaverse where 1B new users are waiting for you. 

24/7 Global Customer Support

Have a question or want to say hi? We’d love to hear from you. Get helpful, real human answers from our dedicated Incorporation Experts wherever you are. 

Company {3.0} - Built for Success, From Zero to Unicorn

Incorporating a Company {3.0} enables you to scale your business using the same tools and resources as the most innovative and successful startups (and unicorns) around the world use. 


With our All-In-One {Incorporate & Connect} Platform, you can easily connect your Company {3.0} to the most advanced {finance, business, marketing, technology} tools and resources to unleash the the potential of your business.


Trusted Among The world's most innovative founders, Startups, creators, freelancers, artists, publishers and brands.

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