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How It Works:

Step 01
Submit Your Application


Applying for a Company {3.0} takes less than 5 minutes. Use our Quick Order Tool or you can Order and Pay With Crypto Here.

Choose Business Type. Select LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp or let our Business Type Optimizer™  help you decide. Select the State you want to Incorporate your business in. Not Sure which State? Let our State Optimizer™  help you decide.

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Submit your application and continue to Focus on your business. We'll do what we know best - Setup your new company! Once we receive your application, we start the process, file all applications with  the relevant state and federal agencies, follow-up on a daily basis and keep you updated every step of the way.

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Step 02
The Incorporation process


Depending on the State, it takes about 24-72 hours to register your company (using the expedite service option). Then we process your EIN (tax id number) with the IRS. Once we receive your EIN Confirmation Letter we generate your Corporate Kit (a set of essential legal documents).

1. We register your company. We assign a registered agent for you, prepare the formation application, submit it to the state and pay all state filing fees. Once the company is approved, you will receive your Certificate of Organization.

Certificate of Organization (6).png

2. We obtain EIN (Tax ID Number) for your company. We prepare your EIN application with all the required information and the relevant forms. Once you sign, we submit to the IRS and follow up to o ensure you get your application processed as fast as possible. Upon the IRS approval we will forward you the EIN Confirmation Letter.

Tax ID Confirmation Letter (2).png

3.  Corporate kit:  Following the completion of the incorporation process, we instantly prepare a series of key legal documents. These post-incorporation Corporate Kit provides clear and necessary information on the company's owners, operations, and other important data.  Use these documents to apply for your bank account, merchant account, payment processors and more. 


4. Congratulations!  Your company is now registered and ready. You can start using your company to scale your business, apply for bank account, merchant account, crypto currency payment processing, metaverse tools and nft markets. checkout step 03 - "connect your business"

Step 03
Connect your Business


Connect your business to 2 U.S. bank accounts, merchant account, crypto currency payment and much more. Use our platform to apply and connect your business to the most advanced business, financial and marketing tools available. Give your business the edge over your competitors.

1. Open your Business Bank Accounts & Merchant Account. Apply online with our digital banking partners and get your business the best banking and payment processing solutions. You do NOT need to physically be present in the United States to apply. Our experts are here to help you with every step of the way during the applications until you get your accounts approved and opened!

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Brex Color.png

2. Connect your business to Crypto Currency payments. Start Accepting bitcoin and other crypto currencies as a payment method. Enable +1 billion crypto users around the world to have access to your products and services and pay with their crypto assets.

Crypto (10).png

3. OPTIONAL: Connect your business to the Metaverse World, Nft Markets and more web 3.0 business opportunities . Build decentralized digital identities for brand / company. Use NFT domains as your:

Universal username across apps and websites, Website URL, Payment address for wallets and much more!


4. You Are All Done! Your Company 3.0 is now connected to the most advanced banking Solutions, payment processing, crypto currency, metaverse and web 3.0 tools on the planet. you got your self the strongest starting position for your busines.

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Step 04
Manage & Grow your Business

Now it's time to grow your business. Get Access to our extensive network of partners and affiliates and enjoy massive rewards when you engage with them. Work with the most innovative and successful companies in the world to scale, grow and expand your business. 

Grow your business with the greatest startup ecosystem in the world . You'll be able to take advantage of special offers and discounts available only to 3PointO customers. It's a comprehensive suite of tools, solutions, software and services designed to drive business growth and provide you a significant competitive advantage in your field.

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Manage your Compliance Requirements with our Compliance ConnectFeature and our Customer-Oriented Compliance Experts. We'll help you comply with your filing requirements: state annual filing, federal & state tax filing, registered agent renewal and preparing your books—all within your dashboard. 

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Life Time Support . You'll never be alone! All our customers receive lifetime support from 3PointO. Every customer has a dedicated 3PointO member who will help you with any legal or business or any other issues related to your company, you may have. Our team-members are located all over the world and dedicated to providing the finest customer service possible.

Call Center Employee

World-Wide Social Space for Founders, Business owners and Entrepreneurs. Coming Soon to 3PointO Platform, the first social network dedicated to empower founders, creators, publishers, brand owners and business owners. Communicate with other founders, join groups, look for Venture Capital and Investors and much more

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