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Choose the best entity type for your business:

LLC in New Mexico or Wyoming

✓ Great for small businesses 

✓ Simple management structure and easy to operate

✓ Less paperwork, no annual meeting requirements

✓ Ownership represented by members (LLCs cannot issue stock)

✓ Low annual renewal fees (New Mexico - $0 annual state fee)

✓ Tax Free Company if you meet the following conditions:

    1. All owners are individuals (not corporations) and all are non-USA residents

    2. You do not have any U.S. employees

    3. You do not have a warehouse or shipping facility in the US.

C-Corp in Delaware

✓ Great for startups and technology companies fundraising from investors

✓ Ability to raise capital by issuing stock;

✓ Ownership represented by shareholders

✓ Management structure with more operating requirements

✓ More paperwork and corporate requirements. Annual meetings required.


Business Type Optimizer™

by 3PointO


All the owners are based out of the U.S. (Non U.S. Residents)

Planning to raise money from investors

Planning to issue stocks to founders, employees, or advisors

Reduce income tax liability

Reduce self employment tax liability

0 %

LLC in NM / WY

0 %

C.Corp in DE

0 %


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