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Do I need to have a U.S. address, if I want U.S. company and bank account?

Yes, you do need a U.S. Address for the incorporation process and to open a bank account.

We supply a legal business address that can also be used as your company's mailing address.

Actually, We provide you with 2 addresses you will need as part of the Incorporation package:

1. Legal registered address, as required by law.

2. Mailing address where you can receive letters / packages

Is it possible for my company to use this address?

Yes, you can! You may use this address for any business-related correspondence, applications, or official paperwork.

This address can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Tax filings

  • Bank Account applications (your debit card will be forwarded to this address!)

  • Payment Processing and Merchant Account Applications

  • Marketing and business materials

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