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Tax free LLC is a limited liability company, opened in one of the U.S. states that have 0% income tax policy, therefor saving business owners significant amounts on taxation.

Start your own U.S. Company with Zero income Tax

Grow sales and audience doing business as a U.S. Company while paying zero (0) income tax in the U.S. 

Under certain conditions, foreign entrepreneurs and companies can form a tax-free limited liability company ("LLC") in the United States:

1. All owners are foreign individuals 

2. You do not have any U.S. employees

3. You do not have a warehouse or shipping facility in the US.


Connect your company to bank and merchant accounts, crypto currency payment and much more

Open your business bank account using our 3pointO platform. Easily Apply to all our partners directly from your 3PointO dashboard.

Accept crypto currencies as payment method and connect your business to the metaverse & NFT markets. Get access to 1 Billion Crypto / Metaverse users.

Which State Should I Incorporate in?

There are four most popular states for non US residents:

No.1: New Mexico

No.2: Wyoming

No.3: Delaware

No.4: Florida

We recommend New Mexico - here is why :

✔ Low cost to maintain

✔ Easy to manage

✔ No franchise tax

✔ Zero state corporate income tax

Launch your Tax Free U.S. LLC {3.0}

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