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Is it easy to maintain a Company {3.0}?

Yes. It is very easy and simple to maintain your Company 3.0

Every Company 3.0 customer is getting our Compliance Connect™ - which is a module included in your 3PointO Dashboard.

With Compliance Connect™ You will get alerts whenever it's time to prepare for your annual renewal.

Our Compliance will prepare and file all your filing as required to keep your company in good standing and meet all your filing requirements (additional fee may apply).

There are basically 2 must pay and renew fees every year:

  • Registered Agent Fee: $49 - $99

  • State Renewal Fee:

    • New Mexico: $0 ​

    • Wyoming: $52 ​

    • Delaware: $300

    • Florida: $138.75​​

If you will have income during the financial year you may be required to file annual tax return.

As part of our Compliance Connect™ you will have a Dedicated Compliance Expert who will let you know if you need to file a tax return or not. Your dedicated compliance expert may also prepare and file your tax return for you (additional fee may apply).

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