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What are the benefits of incorporating a Company {3.0}?

Company 3.0 has all what a standard company has and much-much more:

  • Business Bank Account with the latest and most-advanced banking solutions.

  • Payment Gateway / Merchant Account enabling your customers to pay with their credit / debit cards.

  • Crypto Currency Connect enabling your customers to pay with their crypto currency.

  • Metaverse & NFT Connect enabling you to Build decentralized digital identities for your brand / company.

  • Compliance Connect™ - easily keep your company in good standing and file all your compliance requirements.

Get Access to 1 Billion New Users crypto, metaverse & nft users around the world.

Get tools to scale and grow your business and easily connect them to your company with our Company 3.0 Connect

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Is it easy to maintain a Company {3.0}?

Yes. It is very easy and simple to maintain your Company 3.0 Every Company 3.0 customer is getting our Compliance Connect™ - which is a module included in your 3PointO Dashboard. With Compliance Conn

Can I use my Company {3.0} to run my business?

Yes. Once your company 3.0 is registered you can use it to run, manage, scale and grow your business from anywhere in the world. You will have a company connected to the latest banking solutions, paym

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