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What is a Company {3.0}?

Company {3.0} is a standard LLC or Corporation (same legal structure as any other company) with additional unique features which makes it the most advanced setup for your business. These features gain your business the edge over your competitors and give you business the strongest starting position for your business.

This is what included with every company we incorporate (Company 2.0 and Company {3.0}):


✓ U.S. LLC or INC

✓ Articles of organization / incorporation

✓ SS4 and official EIN

✓ Resident agent for 1 year

✓ LLC agreement / INC bylaws

✓ Member certificate / Shareholder certificate

✓ Corporate Kit: and all company documents

Digital Corporate kit:

✓ All you documents in once place

✓ 24/7 access / view / download

✓ Never loose or miss an important document

✓ All the documents you need to open a bank acc

Partners and rewards:

✓ 1:1 chat with a CPA for tax advice

✓ Savings through our Rewards platform

✓ Connections to VCs and Angels


✓ Compliance Connect™ & Compliance Experts

✓ Help you comply with your filing requirements

✓ Reminders: state annual report

✓ Reminders: federal & state tax filing

✓ Reminders: registered agent renewal

Life Time Support:

✓ Dedicated 3PointO member

✓ Support in any legal or business issues

✓ 24/7 global customer support

And here are the additional-unique features provided only to Company {3.0}:

U.S. address & phone number:

✓ U.S. Address (no monthly cost)

✓ U.S. phone number (no monthly cost)

Expedite Fee Included (1-3 days registration) in:

✓ New Mexico State

✓ Delaware State

✓ Wyoming State

✓ Florida State

✓ New York State

Banking Solutions:

✓ Bank Account Setup

✓ Debit Card

✓ Online Banking

✓ Apply directly from your dashboard

✓ No need to be present in the United States

✓ No need to for social security number

Merchant Account:

✓ Introduction to merchant account

✓ Apply directly from your dashboard

✓ No need to be present in the United States

✓ No need to for social security number

Crypto Currency Payments:

✓ Tutorial - Crypto for Small Business

✓ How to Accept Crypto on Your Website

✓ Crypto Wallet - complete guide & setup

✓ The benefits of a crypto payment gateway

​✓ Crypto Gateway - complete guide & setup

Metaverse Connect:

✓ Tutorial - Metaverse for Small Business

✓ How to use the metaverse to upgrade your brand

✓ Build decentralized digital identities for brand

✓ Get a Universal username across apps

✓ Get a branded payment ID for your wallet

NFT Connect:

✓ Tutorial - NFT for Small Business

✓ How to use the nft to grow your business

✓ How to connect to nft markets and apps

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Is it easy to maintain a Company {3.0}?

Yes. It is very easy and simple to maintain your Company 3.0 Every Company 3.0 customer is getting our Compliance Connect™ - which is a module included in your 3PointO Dashboard. With Compliance Conn


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