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How do I select the name of my company?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Founders should make sure that their company name does not already exist as a corporation, partnership, or LLC in their state. If it is identical or nearly identical, the founders must select a different name.

Once you've thought of a name for your company, go to and run our founder's app. In the Company Name Wizard - enter your suggested company name.

Before we start the incorporation process, verifies that the name you want to use for your business is available. If your precise business name is not available, the Customer Service will work with you to find alternatives and appropriate modifications. The Free Business Name Check tool can be used to research concepts and variation of your name.

Tips tp help you choose your company name:

Use English Words

The state may postpone or even deny a company name that is written in a different language.

Avoid Restricted Words

Words like "Academy"," College", "University", “School”, “Bank”, "Bond", "Trust", Insurance" are subject to approval by the state. Using these words or similar words may cause a delay in the registration process.

Avoid using Special Characters (+,-,*,@.$,%,#,&,^....)

Special characters should not be used in the company name. It is possible, but it must be approved by the state.

Do not start with “A” , “An” or “The”

The company name should not start with an article adjective (A, An, The). Instead of "The Example Company, LLC" try using "Example Company, LLC".

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